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Adding Images to a Mailer

The new editor in Store Manager allows you to add images to a mailer using the Image button. This will store the image on the server and provide you with the URL. You can also add a link during the process.

1. Go to Marketing > Mailings and select Create Mailing.

2. Add a title and then choose the Image icon.



3. This will bring up a pop-up that will allow you to browse and add the image. Choose Browse.



4. Using the second pop-up  window, choose the image and hit Save (you can also resize the image for the mailer in this window).



5. Upon hitting save, the image should show in the first pop-up window with the url of the image. You can add an alt tag, border, spacing, etc. You can also use the Link  tab to assign a link to the image.


6. Once you have added a link and save, the image will be added to the mailer. You can use the Source button to check the HTML of the image and the link.



7. Select Save (to save the mailer) and then Edit to make additions of text or other images.


Remember, always preview the mailer and send multiple test messages before sending any mailer out to your whole mailing list!