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Invalid Zip Code?


I received an order with an invalid zip code and I can't really proceed on filling the order. I do have the town and can figure out the zip code--can I change the zip code from my end? Why does Store Manager allow orders to be submitted with invalid addresse

Does UPS not check the validity of addresses before an order is submitted?




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    You can edit the zip code by using the "edit" button located under the address on the order page.

    But generally yes, during checkout the address is asked and the customer fills out the zip code. If the Zip does not match the city UPS asks them to choose from the options of that city. The customer then picks one of those and continues. But they may pick the wrong one from the options so the order will go through with out the exact correct zipcode.

    I placed a test order to demonstrate this.


    First I put in our address and the incorrect zip for both bill to and ship to addresses


    When I hit continue it comes back with options from Chicago.


    I then picked an incorrect zip from the options they listed and hit continue and the order was accepted.


    So there is a broad check against the entered city but not an exact check to the street.

    More importantly , and your bank do a pre-authorization on the card that checks the zip of the billing address and definitely denies the order if they do not match.

    I hope this helps,