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Microsoft Word is Evil!


Could someone please help me out with a font issue? 

I have just added a new product, the first one since some of the recent changes to the editor.  I thought the text on our site was Century Gothic but it is not an option on the long description drop-down.  I was able to do a work around by copying my text into a word document and selecting Century Gothic and then cutting/pasting back into the long description. 

Please advise on how to get the Long Description font to match going forward.


Microsoft Word is evil.  Please never-ever copy and paste text from Microsoft Word into Store Manager because it could break your site.  You should not need to pick a font in the Long Description field because the font type that should be used is built into the site.  Selecting something else will override what's been configured to work with your site.  Simply using the default font, meaning don't select any font at all, should work just fine.

Again, copy and pasting from Microsoft Word should never be done.  However, you can copy text from Microsoft Word, paste it into Notepad on your computer and then cut and paste from Notepad into Store Manager.  While this will not copy over the font types or any other formatting, it will allow you to write your text and do spell checking in Word. Unfortunately, this method isn't perfect either because very often you still need to worry about apostrophes and quote marks.



This Short Description was copied and pasted from Microsoft Word.




Which caused an invalid character to appear on the web site.




You can fix this problem directly in the Short Description field in Store Manager by replacing the invalid apostrophe.




Which fixes the web site.





Even though this user copy and pasted from Microsoft Word into Notepad and then from Notepad in Store Manager, these quotes are still showing up as invalid characters on the web site.




Microsoft calls these quotes marks "Smart Quotes" because they curl around the text instead of going straight up and down.  However, they are not supported on the web.  You can fix this problem by simply retyping these quotes in Store Manager.





The text is still jacked up on the shipping policies page. Can someone just look at that real quick. I was having problems with the editor taking any changes I made.

Some of the font is too large and some of it is black.  I also had customer service just come by and tell me it was not working, or that a customer was complaining that it was not working. 


We typically see this issue when people cut and paste from Microsoft Word into one of the HTML editors in Store Manager.  However in your case it looks like someone cut and pasted from an application on the Mac.  As a general rule you never want to copy and paste from any application into Store Manager because unwanted HTML text and tags may also come along.  Instead as the information above describes always type you text directly into Store Manager or "clean it" but first copying it into Notepad, and then from Notepad into Store Manager.