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Special Alerts


Is it a good idea to show what we carry certain products in store only? And how would that work?


Modern Retail is not a big fan of showing products on your site that cannot be purchased by a shopper, because invariable they say, "I love that shoe ... Oh dang! I can't buy it ... but then why are they showing it to me?"   

However, there are some special cases when you need to show a product but not allow the consumer to purchase it, and for these cases, Modern Retail has created the following "Special Alerts." 

  • Not for Sale, Sold Out, and Price On Request
    • All these of these alerts work the same way.
    • They don’t show the prices on the department, category or product pages, and don’t allow people to add the products to their bag.
  • Call to Order
    • This alert does show the price on the shopping pages, but just like the other special alerts, it does not allow people to add the products to their bag. 

Alerts are configured in Store Manager on the Product Page.




Here is an example of the Call to Order alert.  Notice the price is shown.




However, you cannot add this product to your shopping bag.