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Split Order / Partial Shipment



I have a question regarding processing online orders...


If a customer places an order for 3 items and we only have one of them, what is the process to cancel the two items and have the system update the order based on the new shipping charge, etc for the one item.


Shipping out partial items where someone has purchased multiple quantities is easy in Store Manager.  First, hit the Ship Items button at the top of the Order Summary page to start the shipment processes like any other order.  On this page you will notice a dropdown under QTY column.  Select the number of items you want to ship in this shipment.  Click OK when you are prompted with the question:  Are you sure you want to split this item?





Uncheck any and all items you don't want to ship and hit the Update button at the bottom of the page.




Finally, hit the Execute button like any other shipment.