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How do you do returns in Store Manager?


Please do the follow when processing a return in Store Manager:

  1. Go to the Order the in Store Manager

  2. Hit the "Return Items" button at the top of the page


  3. The next step is to choose the shipment to be returned. In this example there is only one but if you had sent out the items in two or more shipments those would show here also. Check the radio button and then hit "Update"


  4. Next, Check off the items to be returned and then again hit "Update"


  5. You should now see that the total of the returned items will show in the yellow area in the "products" field. This will be and must always be  a negative number. Do not make any changes to this 'products' field as that can cause problems for your POS system which may not accept the order.

    The total will show in red below that. This will be the amount credited back to the customers card. At this time you can add amounts to coupon/discount field or shipping field if you need to. But remember , the number entered needs to be a negative number to give the customer money back otherwise it will reduce the amount credited to the customer.

  6. If you edit the amount fields, then DO NOT  hit "update" but just click on the red total to see the amount change.

  7. If the red total is  correct, hit the EXECUTE button which will then process the return and credit the card.


  8. Once the return is executed, you will see the credit showing under the initial charge on the summary page. It should say credit and have parenthesis around the amount. You can always double check by looking at the order history page to see the details of the transaction.


  9. After EXECUTE will have the option to add a note to the customer and that will be sent when you hit "save/send" which sends the notification of the return to the customer.


Date Created: 11/22/12