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Interrupted Connection to AIM - Troubleshooting

If your connection to AIM or the C2B computer is ever interrupted due to an internet outage, inadvertently turning off the C2B computer, or a power outage, there are a few steps to reconnect your integration.

1. Establish power to the C2B terminal. This must be turned on in order to reconnect your integration.

2. Confirm the API connection is working by using the AIM Endpoint. You'll need a specially formatted URL which is:

For example, your store's AIM API Key may look something like this

Putting the URL and AIM API Key together gives you the following URL:

Navigate to that URL. If your connection is active, you'll see a status page that looks like the example below:

API Yes.png

If the connection is not active, you'll see a status page that looks like this example:

API No.png

If your API connection is offline, please contact AIM to reconnect.

3. Once your AIM connection is confirmed, the Modern Retail integration will begin to process any updates that came in from AIM or your website while your connection was offline. You should see updates happen within an hour of reconnecting to AIM. Depending on how long the connection was down, and how many updates need to be processed, this could take up to a few hours. Modern Retail's integration also has a daily catch-all update that would pull all missing updates through the integration. 

If you do not see updates flowing to or from the Admin Panel within 24 hours of your power outage, or have additional questions, please create a Support Request in the Admin Panel.