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Order Errors and Decimal Points


On occasion we've noticed orders throwing up errors for no obvious reason. Upon further research & discussion with our development team, we've noticed that Magento 2 goes to the 4th place, whereas the Modern Retail integrator only goes to the 2nd. In this article, we'll talk a little bit about this topic.


Magento 2 goes to the ten thousandth place, meaning up to 4 digits after the decimal; so, for example, the following would be a legitimate value in Magento:

  • 39.7826

Our integrator, however, only goes to the hundredth place, so the value above would read like the following:

  • 39.78

Seeing as most currency systems only use the hundredth place, this is rarely an issue. However in certain circumstances, such as discounts on large orders, this can cause discrepancies between Magento 2 and Modern Retail's numbers, resulting in errors on orders. 

If this occurs, simply let us know with a support request, and we'll manually edit the order so everything complies.