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Modern Retail's Loyalty Integration is one of a variety of features we've developed to assist with the ecommerce needs of our clients. Unfortunately, our Loyalty Integration is not currently compatible with Lightspeed. In this article, we'll go over why we can't develop a Loyalty solution for Lightspeed (even though we'd like to!).

Lightspeed API

The basic reason we can't work out a Loyalty feature for Lightspeed is that Lightspeed doesn't have an API, or "Application Programming Interface" for their loyalty program. This means we can't retrieve any of the necessary information from Lightspeed regarding a loyalty program, such as customer point totals, customer identity, etc.

Lightspeed does have a Loyalty API on their development roadmap, but without a definitive date. Modern Retail will keep up to date with any new developments in this area, so we can design a loyalty integration with Lightspeed at our earliest convenience.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.