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Installing Bigcommerce Apps


In order for someone to install an app to BigCommerce, they must be the "Store Owner" for that particular store. While you may be able to install some apps by yourself, in this article we'll go over the steps to setting up Modern Retail as a temporary store owner, so we can take care of installation for you.

The Process

If you want Modern Retail to install or configure an app for you, you'll want to set as the store owner. You can do this by going to the Users page, listed under Account Settings in the backend of your BigCommerce store.



From there, look at the user list to find (Note: These menus may look different depending on which version of BigCommerce you have, and which apps you may have installed).


Once you've found the correct account, click on the ... button on the right, indicated here by the green arrow. Click on the Edit option that appears after clicking on the .... This will take you to the user page for


Head to the User Role dropdown underneath Permissions. Select Store Owner, and then hit the Save button in the bottom right corner. This will prompt a message asking you to confirm what you're doing; accept.


And that's it! Notify Modern Retail that you've assigned the store owner role to us, and we'll start working on installing any apps you need us to install. We'll reassign store owner to the previous account once we're done, typically within 1-2 business days.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.