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2.7.14 - Lots of New Features!

May 4th, 2021 - Start of Release

We're releasing a new major update for our CounterPoint integrator. These features will be rolled out over several phases, to ensure uninterrupted operations for our clients.


New Features

  • MRCPIService()
    • If price rules are enabled, service will now wait until midnight and re-send all products.
  • frmPrice()
    • Planned Promo checkbox had been replaced by Price Rules checkbox.
  • getBarcode()
    • Now sorts by LST_MAINT_DAT and send the first one in list.
  • getPromotionPrice()
    • Cell Based Promo price bug fixed.
  • insertPS_DOC_LIN_LOY()
    • Bug fixed when importing as ORDER.
  • modSC()
    • Integrator now supports Gift Cards as Store Credits.
  • CheckOrders()
    • Added HYBIRDQ as call for tickets and Quotes.
  • ItemUpdateControl()
    • Added efficiencies which allow for faster processing and less connections to SQL server.
  • modCMD()
    • Added support for re-sending customer loyalty customers and customer by category remotely.
  • ProductUpdate()
    • Thread priority changed from belownormal to normal for CP NORMAL items.
    • If item has not been updated in 14 days, the Integrator will send the item.
  • getNewOrder() and getNewTransactions()
    • Contains support for new item creation.
  • getNewOrder() and getNewTransactions()
    • TAX_OVRD_REAS will now always be NULL.
  • UpdateProducts()
    • Inventory qty_avail fractions now sent as whole numbers.
  • getNewOrder()
    • Order items not found now contain the item number in the confirmation.
  • modCustomer()
    • If B2B is enabled and customer type is business, the Integrator will send business name.
  • getNewOrder() and getNewTransactions()
    • When paycode mapping is enabled and the Integrator can not find a paycode match, the Integrator would log the event and use the default paycode defined in "CP8 Pay Code" field in the "API Order Import Setup" window.
  • Main()
    • New variables added NewItemCreate and NewItemTemplate to support new item creation based off an item template.

If you run into any issues after this update, please let us know with a support request. All phases of the 2.7.14 update to the Modern Retail CounterPoint integrator will be applied automatically, at no charge to you.