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Epicor Eagle DDMS


Epicor Eagle has something called the "DDMS", or Distributed Delivery Management System. Several features of Modern Retail's Epicor Eagle integration, both complete and in-progress, utilize the DDMS and similar Epicor Eagle functionalities. In this article, we'll dig into this topic a little bit further.



Epicor Eagle's Distributed Delivery Management System is useful for businesses who handle their own delivery. If you utilize, or plan to utilize, Modern Retail's Local Delivery or Ship from Store features, we may use the DDMS to help organize that.


COM. meanwhile, is a similar Epicor Eagle feature used to help facilitate drop shipping.  Direct shipping/drop shipping orders are fed into COM, in order to be processed by whichever service is performing the shipment. You can think of COM as a kind of intermediary between you and the third party you're using for drop shipping services.

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