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Limiting Quantity on Hand


 Have you ever had a client want to show limited Quantity on Hand online? i.e. Show 25% less than they really have in their Epicor Eagle Inventory.  The concern is over someone buying something online and in store at the same time. I know that theoretically, it's not any different than if someone buys something in store when someone just before them took the last item off the shelf.  Has Modern Retail done something like this? Push lower Inventory numbers than what Eagle provides?


Modern Retail does not have the ability to “short inventory” out of Eagle.  This is something we plan on adding in the future, but we do not have it today.  However, Magento DOES have this feature natively built into their platform (Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce do not). 


As you know, this question comes up in nearly every, but it rarely is a problem in “real life”.  Not only does Modern Retail’s Allocation feature kick in to reduce the possibility for overselling, the ecommerce platforms also immediately notify the customer of the sale.  If they that concerned about overselling, they could immediately pull the order off the shelf or backstock and “stage the order” until it comes time to ship.  That’s the only way of preventing overselling; you need to get the item(s) out of the consumer’s hands as quickly as possible (aka take it off the shelf or remove it from the back stock).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.