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Turning Off Shipping


For a variety of reasons (holidays, renovations, etc.) you may wish to shut off shipping for your store(s). In this article, we'll talk about how you can turn shipping off, and what the rules are surrounding turning shipping off.

Turning Shipping Off Globally

If you want to halt all ship from store capabilities, you can do some from the shipping rules page, which you can learn more about here. Simply open the first rule, and uncheck "Ship from Store". Then save & hit Apply Rules. You can turn shipping back on by rechecking the box.


Turning Shipping Off Individually

If you want to turn shipping off for just one store, you may have to ask Modern Retail to do it for you. If you turn a location off from Shipping>Locations in the Admin Panel, that location will be turned off globally; meaning inventory will be reduced by that store's inventory, any in-store pickup functionality will halt, etc.

If you want to turn off one of your stores for shipping without "losing" the inventory or other functionalities, send us a Support Request. Ideally we would like a few day's notice, however in the event of an emergency we may be able to rush it for you.