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Bookkeeping in Counterpoint


I would like to understand how your communication with our POS System will affect our bookkeeping.
For Shopify Orders that are picked up in store, we will need those to get assigned to a Sales Tax Code for Boulder City (same as orders processed in store through our POS System regularly).
For all other orders, we will need them to be assigned to a different Sales Tax Code so that we can run reports accurately and know what was sold where.
I do understand you folks have nothing to do with filing Sales Tax or Bookkeeping, but this is something we would need to accurately report the difference between products sold in store (and charged local taxes) and products sold online and charged at the appropriate rates for their destination (which Shopify calculates).


We do not separate the Sales Tax Code by In-Store Pickup. Instead, we simply pass the "value" of the sales tax down to Counterpoint from Shopify. The tax authority in your example would be Shopify, or the tax app you have installed in Shopify like Avalara or TaxJar.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.