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Gift Cards with Open Orders


When using our Gift Card feature for the Modern Retail Counterpoint integrator, we do not use open orders for any gift card sales. This results in a "giftcard_skip" indicator in the POS Receipt column on the orders page in the Admin Panel. In this article, we'll talk about what the "giftcard_skip" indicator means, and how we handle gift cards through the Counterpoint integrator.


You might see the giftcard_skip indicator on an order in the Admin Panel (pictured below) and grow concerned.


The giftcard_skip indicator, however, is completely normal for Counterpoint integrations! This is due to how we handle Gift Cards in Counterpoint, which we'll discuss in the next section of this article. If you don't care to know more, however, you can leave it at this: seeing giftcard_skip is not an issue, and if you're seeing it, your integration is likely working fine.

Open Orders

Due to some of the constraints of Counterpoint, we cannot send Gift Cards down as an open order, or as part of an open order. The Integrator "skips" the open order part for Gift Cards (hence giftcard_skip). Instead, a "fake" shipment is created; this shipment is then marked as completed and sent down to Counterpoint when the customer's purchase is completed.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request.