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Lightspeed Product IDs and BigCommerce SKUs


We already have our products set up in BigCommerce; can we just add the Lightspeed Product ID to the BigCommerce SKU field? Or is there a need to delete all of our products and have them loaded via your integration?


Ideally, you want the integration to create the products in BigCommerce for you.  These products will automatically be created in BigCommerce, and it will populate the SKU in BigCommerce with the correct ID from Lightspeed. If  you really wanted to, you could manually add products to BigCommerce before the integration is done but getting the ID right can be a little tricky.  The ID that must be used is in the URL of the product.

In the example below, "11867" would have to be entered in the SKU field in BigCommerce.  If you did, the integration would see the product as an existing product and ONLY update:  (1) Inventory and (2) Price and/or Sale Price.  You do not need to delete all the products if you are willing to put this ID from Lightspeed in the SKU field in BigCommerce. 


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a support request.