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Fixing Shipping Errors with Inventory


If you have multiple locations, and frequently have customers ordering large quantities of product in a single order, you may run into errors requiring you to manually assign, or reassign, where that inventory is coming from. In this article we'll show you how to "fix" orders with these errors, so you can adjust orders on the fly.

Manually Assigning Locations

You can view your Ship from Store shipments by going to the Shipping menu in the Admin Panel, and heading to the Orders page in that submenu. 


This page will show a list of all your Ship from Store orders. You can use any of the options at the top of each column to filter your orders; for the purpose of this exercise, we recommend going to the Status column on the rightmost side, selecting Conflict, and then hitting Apply Filter.


This will display a list of all your orders with errors. Select the Order Number for the order you want to edit (this is the second column from left to right, between #ID and Email) to open up the menu for that order.


Beneath each item in the order, you'll see a list of your inventory locations along with their inventory totals. Select a location with enough inventory, and then click on Send for Fulfillment

In a future update, Modern Retail is planning on allowing users to select inventory from multiple locations to fulfill a single order. You can look forward to this feature sometime in the next year. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.