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Utilizing UPC Codes


Some of our clients utilize "UPC Codes", special codes used by marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to identify products. In this article, we'll talk about why we ask if you use UPC codes before finishing your integration project, and what your answer means for your integration.

Mapping UPC Codes

If your business does utilize UPC codes, and you answer "Yes" on the UPC question in the onboarding center, then Modern Retail will work to make sure that UPC codes are one of the attributes that get "mapped" between your POS system and WooCommerce. This means every product will have the correct UPC code attached to it, in every place that product needs to be.

I Don't Use UPCs, What Now?

If you answer "No" to the UPC question, then we simply move on! If you decide later, after your project has been completed, to start using UPC codes we can enable them; however this will likely be billable work for our development team.

If you have any additional questions about UPC codes, please feel free to contact your Project Manager using the messaging system in the Onboarding Center.