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In this article, we're going to discuss how Modern Retail's Tri-Tech AIM integration handles products, and more specifically how Tri-Tech's "Web Category" feature works in conjunction with our integration.

Web Category

In order to sell products online, they must first be assigned to a Web Category in AIM.  What this means is you must check off a special category in AIM to tell our integration that you want to sell the product on your website.  The name of this Web Category can be anything you want as it's configured when we first configuration your integration.

The name of this category can be anything you want, just let us know what you've called it in AIM.  Your Web Categories in AIM can be as simplistic as listing one category called something like Web.


However, some retailers use these Web Categories in combination with other websites and marketplaces such as Reverb.  It doesn't matter how many categories or sub-categories you have defined in AIM as long as you have one category dedicated to the integration with Modern Retail.  As you can see from this example, they have dozens of categories defined, and can even check multiple categories, with the one being used for the website called Shopify.  As long as Shopify is checked, this product will be integrated with their Shopify website.


Some clients find it useful to create sub-categories under the main category used by Modern Retail.  This approach is also acceptable as long as the main category is check, Modern Retail API Feed in this example.


As you can see, AIM Web Categories give you a lot of flexibility, just be sure to configure at least one category for Modern Retail's use, and please don't ever change the name of this category!

Please submit a support request in the Admin Panel if you have any questions. Thank you.