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Curbside & In-Store Pickup With Standard & Pro Integrators


Eventually we'd like to purchase the "Pro" version of your integrator, with the Curbside & In-Store Pickup feature. However we're concerned that rolling out in-store pickup with the teams leading into the Spring may become too chaotic.

Is there a lot of conversion work if we start with Standard, once installed see where we are at with the season, then convert to pro?

Would it be a significant conversion cost? or just simply updating some settings and training our staff?


Here’s our recommendation.  Buy the standard version of the Epicor Eagle Integrator from our website.  We’ll tell Epicor that you purchased the pro version.  This will tell the Epicor team to send us location-based inventory files, which will be needed when you go to pro.  I believe this will save you some money with Epicor because they won’t have to send one file format now and redo it later. From Modern Retail’s perspective, there’s no difference in the setup cost between standard and pro.

This means that we'll be prepared when you decide to upgrade your integrator, making things more convenient for everyone.

If this is something that applies to you, please reach out to us before your purchase, or during the onboarding process.