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Configuring Your API Keys


Depending on a variety of factors, you may need to enter (or re-enter) the Modern Retail API Credentials into WooCommerce. This is a simple process, and this article will teach you how to quickly get it out of the way.

Finding Your API Keys

You can find your API Keys in the Modern Retail Admin Panel, under Settings>API Keys.


This page may look different depending on which integration features you have, but it should generally look something like the above screenshot. There may already be a set of keys labelled "WooCommerce Integration Keys" or something similar; if this is the case, you may skip the next step.

In order to get your API Keys for WooCommerce, you'll want to hit the New button on the left, under Modern Retail API Keys. This will generate API Keys for you, as pictured below:


You can & should rename these keys to something like "WooCommerce Integration Keys". Hit Save, but keep this page open.

In a new tab, log in to your WooCommerce store. Select the Modern Retail Integrator from the menu on the left (the exact position may vary, but it's usually towards the bottom.)


After clicking or hovering over the WooCommerce Integrator, go to Settings. The exact appearance of this page may vary based on which version of WooCommerce you're using, but there should be a tab labelled Middleware API that looks something like this:


Again, depending on your version of WooCommerce you may have to check a few tabs to find the one that looks like the above; the important part is the LoginPassword fields. Enter the API Key from the Admin Panel that we generated earlier in the Login field, and the API Secret in the Password Field. Hit Save Changes, and then you're done!

If you encounter any issues with this process, please feel free to submit a support request so we can assist.