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Dropshipping is an increasingly popular option for retailers who want to move products directly from their vendors to their clients. Modern Retail has recently developed Drop Shipping integration capabilities with Epicor Eagle; in this article, we'll talk about some of the technology that makes that happen.

Template SKUs

Template SKUs are a sort of flag we can place on products on your site. When a product flagged with a template SKU is purchased, it will automatically be created in Epicor Eagle. This is particularly useful if you're using drop shipping, or selling products direct from vendors.

The code involved with Template SKUs can be used sitewide, on all your products, without any issues. This is because Eagle checks to see if a given SKU already exists before creating a new item, so there's no danger of accidental duplicates. 

Template SKU product orders can be set up as invoices, and they will decrement the newly created inventory for that product.

Direct Shipping Flags

The direct shipping flag is a flag we attach to the order (not the product, like with template SKUs) that tells Epicor Eagle that there should be no inventory adjustments for any of the items on that order, because those items are being shipped to the customer from another source (i.e. drop shipping). Because this is a flag that gets attached to the order, not the product, every item on that order will be regarded as a direct shipped item. Additionally, the direct ship flag can only be applied to orders, and not invoices.

If an order contains both direct shipped items & regular stock items, then the order must be split into two separate orders: one with the regular inventory items, and one with the direct shipped items.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a support request, or through our website if you're not yet a client.