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2.8.0 - Feedback, Notifications, and Onboarding

January 19th, 2021

Today we're rolling out a huge update to the Modern Retail Admin Panel, featuring our new onboarding process and two brand new features.


If you look in the top left corner of the Admin Panel, you'll see two new icons. The icon on the right is our new feedback system.


If you have any feedback for the Modern Retail team, always feel free to click on that icon and fill out the feedback form for us.


Select the emoticon most representative of how you feel, and write out why you feel that way. Shortly after you submit someone from our feedback team will get back to you.


The left icon in the upper left hand corner is our new notification system. Modern Retail may send notifications out for new updates, unexpected outages, feature upgrades, and more. 

The icon will show the number of currently unread notifications you have sitting in your inbox.


You can hover over the notification icon to get a preview, or click on it to see all your notifications in greater detail. 


Click on the "X" on the right hand side of each notification to dismiss them individually, or the Dismiss All button in the top right to dismiss them all.

You can read more about both feedback and notifications here.


New clients for Modern Retail's integration services will now use Modern Retail's brand new Onboarding Center for their project, as opposed to our previous methods involving BaseCamp. While this isn't relevant for our clients whose projects we've already completed, this should make the lives of any future clients much easier. 

If you have any further questions about this update, please feel free to contact us with a support request. (Or use our new feedback feature!)