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Using Multiple Runit Webstores


We occasionally run into clients using the Runit POS system who either want to, or already use, more than one store. Running multiple stores using the same POS system is something that every POS or ERP system handles differently, so in this article we'll talk about how Runit operates ( as well as how our integration works with multiple Runit webstores). 

Using Multiple Stores

Historically, the Runit POS system has not natively supported running separate webstores under the same POS system. However, recently the Runit development team has come up with a solution, in which the second webstore exists as a sort of "child" store underneath the parent store.

This means you may be able to use Runit for multiple stores. If this is something you need, we recommend getting in touch with Runit to configure this.

How Does it Work With the Integrator?

The Modern Retail integrator can work with multiple webstores using the same Runit POS system! If this is how your store is configured, we can set up a new integration for your second store. 

If you have any further questions, or would like to get started on a second integration, please feel free to get in contact with a support request.