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Integration Data Flow


Modern Retail's Integration Service works, in part, by moving your data between the different places it needs to go. These are primarily your ecommerce platform, our middleware, and your POS or ERP system. In this article, we'll talk a little bit more about how that all works.

Data Flow

The following graphic may give you a loose grasp on where your data flows through:


Information from your POS system, such as in-store shoppers & your product data, moves from your POS system, to our Middleware, and from there on to your ecommerce platform. On the flipside, orders and information from your ecommerce platform moves to our Middleware, and then down to your POS system, so you can keep track of inventory.

Depending on which features you're using and a variety of other factors, the various moving parts of our integration updates the other parts on a set schedule. These intervals are commonly things like every 5, 10, or 15 minutes, although they may be longer if necessary to avoid placing undue strain on your system. If you're curious about how or why these things work the way we do, get in touch with us either on our site, or if you're already a client with a support request.