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Non-Discountable Products


Flagging products as "Non-Discountable" in Counterpoint is an easy way to make sure that only the items you want going on sale actually end up on sale. However, it's important to note that flagging products as "Non-Discountable" in Counterpoint may not affect those products if you're running a sale on your ecommerce platform. We'll discuss this inconvenience in this article.

Sales & Non-Discountable Products

Setting a product to "Non-Discountable" in Counterpoint will not have the same effect on that product in your ecommerce platform. If, for example, you set a site wide sale on your website, your products with non-discountable flags in Counterpoint would also go on sale. The best way to exclude products from a sale varies from ecommerce platform to ecommerce platform; if you're not sure how to proceed, please feel free to get in touch with Modern Retail Support.