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LightSpeed eCommerce Indicators


Modern Retail utilizes two main ways of marking products in LightSpeed for inclusion online. In this article we'll talk about what those two main ways are, and how to switch between them.

Marking Products for your Website

Currently, the most common way we mark products in LightSpeed for online use is the "ecomm" flag in LightSpeed. Products in LightSpeed that you would like to sell on your site should be flagged with the "ecomm" flag. This method is the simplest way to handle online products, which is why we recommend it.

The other method we use is to use a tag on the product. This tag should be labeled "webstore". While this method is also relatively simple, it requires more setup than the "ecomm" flag.

If you want to switch between methods, it's incredibly important that you do the following two things:

  • First, let Modern Retail know with a support request from the Admin Panel. If we're not aware of the desired change, we won't be able to configure things on our end to support the requested alteration.
  • Second, make absolutely sure that all relevant products have been tagged or flagged with the new method. If you forget to change the tag/flag on a given product, it won't be included on your website.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.