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Net Framework Requirements


We currently ask that any client using our Counterpoint integrator use >net Framework 4.7 or greater for their server. In this article we'll talk about why we ask this, and what the consequences of not upgrading are. 

Why Do I Need to Upgrade?

There are two main reasons we highly recommend updating your .Net Framework. The first is that older versions of .Net Framework are much less secure, and much more vulnerable to bad actors. As Microsoft releases updates for .Net Framework, they often improve security features and solve known vulnerabilities. Thus, older versions of .Net Framework can be easily exploited compared to more recent versions, such as 4.7. 

The other reason we ask our clients to update to 4.7 is that newer versions of Modern Retail's Counterpoint integrator are designed for the more recent versions of .Net Framework. As we design our integrator updates to serve the greatest number of our clients possible, we generally focus on compatibility with the more recent versions of .Net Framework. Additionally, more recent versions often allow for greater flexibility, letting us design new features for the integrator. As time goes on, having an outdated version of .Net Framework means you also won't be able to update the Counterpoint integrator, which means you'll miss out on new features and improvements.

If you have additional questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.