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2.9.18 - Enhancements, Adjustments, and Fixes!

January 11, 2023


We're ringing in the new year with a brand new update for our Counterpoint integrator. Included are enhancements to help manage custom item attributes, a change that should make it easier to test functionality, and more. Additionally, please note that to utilize all the latest features, you'll need to be on >NetFramework version 4.7.0 or greater.


  • Counterpoint Integrator Improvement
    • New feature! "Custom Item Attributes" allow you to send any Counterpoint standard table field, or any custom table field with a Counterpoint item record.
    • Standard Counterpoint tables or custom tables must have ITEM_NO as the only field in the primary key.
  • Added support for a new variable: cust_lst_sal_dat_filter
  • Support added for a new configuration variable: rest_api.
  • New feature added that allows the export of customer contacts to a CSV file
  •  LoyaltyNewCustomer()
    • The integrator now checks for loyalty customers' first names. If the first name is blank or null, an API call won't be made.
  • getShipVia()
    • Checks for an exact or partial match from the mapping table to the shipping_method string.
  • getNewTrans(), getNewOrders()
    • Now check to see if the discount price has been provided by the ecommerce platform. If not, the integrator now calculates the discount price.
  • hasItemLeadSpace()
    • New function to check if an item number has a leading space. If it does, the integrator logs the instance and doesn't send to the middleware.
  • modNewTrans()
    • If Multi Store is enabled and transactionTypeField="Return", then Multi Store is disabled.
  • modUpdateProduct(), modUpdateProductGrid()
    • During product updates, if an item isn't found in Counterpoint, the item number is removed from the MRCPI.item table.
  • modCMD()
    • New supported command, TLSTEST
    • Services are now started in interactive and non-interactive modes.
  • updateCustomer()
    • Now logs the email address.
    • Increased logging and error handling

Fixes and Adjustments

  • IsMidnightHour()
    • Now properly returns if the hour is midnight.
  • modUpdateProducts()
    • Fixed a bug with alternate stocking units.
  • UpdateProducts()
    • The correct alternate stocking unit weight and cube values are now updates.
  • BugFix, DoProductAttribute() 
    • Now executed for base products.
  • isCustEmailFound()
    • Debugging added when inserting a customer.
  • LoyaltyCustomerControl
    • Now updates first, then handled new loyalty customers.
  • MRCPIAPUDR Service
    • No longer updates the integrator if the day of the week is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
  • getNewTrans()
    • Fixed an issue with loyalty redemption.
  • discountPrice
    • Fixed an ongoing issue.
    • Fixed an ongoing issue.
  • CheckAppUpdate()
    • Now checks to see if .NetFramework is 4.7 or greater.

We are constantly working on new ways to improve our technology to the benefit of our clients. If you have any additional questions, issues, or feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.