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2.8.3 - Tweaks, Fixes, and Enhancements

July 6, 2022


We've released another update improving our Counterpoint integrator. 2.8.3 focuses on quality of life enhancements designed to work with some of our most popular services, as well as bug fixes to existing issues.


  • The integrator now updates the OS name and .NetFramework version in middleware.
  • modgetnewTransactions() now checks for duplicate gift card numbers in the line items.
    • If found, the integrator will generate an error.
    • If the transaction is of type GiftCard and there are multiple gift card lines, the integrator will check to make sure the gift card numbers aren't duplicates.
  • modGetNewTransactions(), modGetNewOrders() now have customer template support.
    • When assigning a customer number, an extra check is made to make sure the assigned number doesn't already exist in Counterpoint.
    • Added support for profit centers.
  • modSC() and modGFC() include a new function that spawns at 011 to look for gift cards no longer in Counterpoint and disables them in the middleware. 

Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling with modLoyalty().
  • For SetupSaveFileBlank(), the setup variable CustPhoneEnable now defaults to true for new installations.
  • A new modified routine is now used to execute SQL statements, reducing deadlock errors for the following:
    • getSTK_UNIT()
    • is_FOOD_STMP_ELIG()
    • isItemFound()
    • isItemGrid()
    • isItemTaxable()

We are constantly working on new ways to improve our technology to the benefit of our clients. If you have any additional questions, issues, or feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.