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Resetting Deleted Products


The Admin Panel keeps a record of all products entered on your site. This means that if a product off your site accidentally gets deleted, it's a simple process to restore it from the Admin Panel. This article will show you how to reset deleted products in the Admin Panel, so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Restoring Deleted Products

In order to restore a deleted product, you first have to find that product in the Admin Panel. You can do this from either the Search or List pages in the Admin Panel sidebar, under Products.


From the Search page, you'll be able to look for a specific product by its name, integration ID, or ALU. The List page will show a list of all the products entered in the Admin Panel, along with search fields for name, integration ID, and ALU. In either case, once you've found a deleted product, you'll see something like the image below:


Simply click Restore on the far right side of the table to re-add the deleted product. It's important to note that this will not restore any photos, comments, descriptions, etc. associated with the product--you'll have to re-enter those manually.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to submit a support request.