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Mismatching Options Issue

The integrator receives product data from your POS system and uses that data to create products in your website backend. If the product data comes to the middleware with no options defined, then the integrator creates a simple product in your site (as there is no size or color etc. defined ). If the data comes over with one option, say a color option, then the product will be created in your website as a variable product with one option dropdown, color. If the product comes over with two options , say color and size, then it will be created as a product with two options and have two drop-downs , one to choose the color and one to choose the size. 

Issues can arise when a product initially comes over with one number of options and later with another number of options. The integration can not combine them if the options do not match. If, for example,  the products originally came over as separate colors and later were combined in the POS. The new products would be coming over with both color and size but the original exist with only size. Thus the new items could not be added to the already existing products and the integration would error. 

One way to handle this is to edit the existing product in your Website backend to add the options types (like size or color) to the products that the additional sizes and colors require. Once the product matches the number of options needed for the new sizes, then they will be able to be attached. For example, if the product was originally added with just a size option, then you would add the color option to the existing product. At this point, you would have to let us know there was an issue so we can clear the error flag for that product so that at the next scheduled integration, the integrator will see that the new products match for number of options and will  combine them .

Another way to rectify this situation is to delete the existing products from your webstore. Then notify us and provide the product SKUs/styles and we can then clear the error. Then the integration will resend the items that had failed and create a proper product with the correct number of options. Once that is complete we will inform you it is done and you can reset the product you deleted (this you can do in the Admin Panel :  Admin Panel - Products Tab ) and it will be resent and formed with the correct number of Options and added to the other product .