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Shopify Price fields - Compare at Price


Which field in my POS goes to  "Compare at Price" on Shopify? Now all products from my POS are missing "Compare at Price" at Shopify





Which price fields are used in the POS as the regular price and the sale price are defined in the POS and sent to the integrator by the POS. There is no Compare at Price field sent. 

Shopify only has two fields to use for pricing so the integrator uses both of them only when something is on sale. 
For example, if you have a product that normally costs $100 , that price (for example Price 1) goes into the "Price" field in Shopify. As it is the normal price, and the compare at price is left blank. 

IF you put that product on sale for $50, we then get that sale price from your POS( for example price 2) and in the case that we get two prices, price 2 goes into the Price field in Shopify and the Price 1 goes in "Compare at "

So in our example , the $50 would be the price in Shopify and the $100 would be in the "Compare as Price.
But if the product is not on sale, then the "compare at price" will be empty.