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The Orders section of the admin panel displays information about all the orders made on your site. This article will go into greater detail about how to use this section, and what you can find there. Depending on your integration, your Orders section may look slightly different than what's shown here, but the core features are all the same.



The first subsection under Orders, conveniently, is orders! Here you can see the list of all orders made on your site:orders.png

The page displays the order #ID, the Order Number, the email and name of the client, the ID for the products ordered, the total cost of the order, when the order was made, and the order Status. You can sort by any of these factors by interacting with the fields at the top of each column. You can also click on the Order Number for an individual order to show more information:moreinfo.png


From here you can see the details for a particular order. Most helpfully you can see the exact products ordered, along with their ID, as well as the billing address for the customer. The ShipmentsInvoices, and Log tabs each provide more information on the order in question.


If you make use of a service like ShipStation, Local Delivery, or In-Store Pickup then your Orders section will have a Shipments subsection. From here you can monitor your shipments, resend them to your POS system, or manually mark them as sent.


You can see and sort shipments by #IDShipment NumberOrder NumberTracking Number, and when it was sent to the POS system. Clicking the checkbox on the left allows you to select multiple deliveries, and using the drop down above the list will let you mark any checked deliveries as sent or resend them to the POS system.



The last possible subsection under Orders is Invoices. Here you'll be able to see a list of all the invoices made for your orders. You can sort and search for Invoices by #ID, Invoice NumberOrder NumberTotalStatus, the POS Receipt number, and by the date the invoice was sent to the POS system.invoices.png

Similar to the Orders subsection, you can click on the Order Number to get more info on a specific order/invoice.

If you have any other questions about how the Orders section in the Admin Panel works, feel free to get in touch with us with a support request.