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Admin Panel - Users Tab


To view or edit existing users, click on the Users link . You will see a list of the users with the following information:

  • Name - Users full name
  • Email - Email address which becomes their username to login to support
  • Type - Access level, There are three levels Owner, Administrator and User.
  • Status - enabled or disabled
  • Created - date account was created


To add a new user , click on the Add User link 


If the user is an employee, define whether they are to be an Administrator or User. Administrators can create other users , Users can not . Neither Administrators or Users  can not access/view the Owner level accounts. 

If the user is outside your company, for example, your web designer, SEO person, etc. , choose other . 

Then enter their email , first and last name and hit Save. 

They will be sent an invitation email and when they sign in you will then see them added to the Users list. 

Any pending invitations can be viewed by clicking on the "invitations" link



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