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Modern Retail's Integrator and Magento Base form a powerful combination and make managing brands easy for you!  There are 2 parts to brand management:

  1. Brands assigned to products.
  2. Shop by Brand (Categories).

This help page will explain each part.


Most of the time, brands will come from a POS system; allowing 2 steps to happen automatically:

  1. The brand is added to the Manufacturer Attribute.
  2. It's assigned to the Product.

For a variety of reasons, clients often need to edit the brand name in the Manufacturer Attribute.  If you need to edit the brand name, you should only edit the brand in the Default Store View column.  You can read more about managing attributes here.

If you have products that come over without a brand assigned, you can add the brand to the Manufacturer attribute.  You will need to go back to the product and assign the newly added brand.

For clients using Modern Retail's Brand Manager, your newly added brand(s) will be almost immediately available for use in the Brand Manager.


Once the brand has been created in the Manufacturer Attribute; a nightly cron job will do 3 things:

  1. Create a category for the brand.  (Assuming one didn't already exist.)
  2. Update the brand category on the front end of your site with the newly added products.