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Default User Roles


Magento has 5 default User Roles.  Their titles and resources are described below.


Modern Retail Administrator

This role is reserved for key Modern Retail staff.  Staff assigned this Role have full access to your Magento back-end.  Users assigned this role should not be edited or removed.

Account Owner

Like the Modern Retail Administrator, the Account Owner(s) have full access to Magento.


Administrators have full access to everything except for elements of the System menu.  They do have access to the following features of the System Menu:

  • Shipping Settings including configuring shippers.
  • Payment methods including configuring additional payment methods.
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Google API
  • Tax Settings
  • Sales Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Slideshow Settings

Store Users

These users have limited access to Magento.  Their access includes:

  • Order Fulfillment menus.
  • Product Catalog menus except managing attributes.
  • Customers
  • Promotions
  • Newsletter Menu
  • Slideshow management.
  • Reports

Content Administrator

Content Administrators only have access to 3 key areas of content management.

  • CMS Menu
  • Slideshow Management
  • WordPress Access.

Permissions for an individual users can be edited or adjusted as needed.