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Adding Customers to Counterpoint


Can you explain to me how you add customers to Counterpoint from the website?  Does every online customer get added as a customer to Counterpoint?  What happens if that customer already exists in Counterpoint?  What happens if the same customer places an order on my website again?

I would appreciate some clarity around how you manage customers in Counterpoint when Counterpoint is integrated with my website.  Thank you.


Great question. Yes, we do manage customers for you. 

Our Integrator sends all online orders from your website, Amazon, eBay, etc. down to Counterpoint.  When a new customer exists from one of these channels we'll know about it because there won't be a matching user in Counterpoint.  We do this matching on the customer's email address.  However, we only need to do this matching ONCE.  Let me explain.

If the user is found in Counterpoint, then our Integrator will echo back the Customer ID which is saved in the Modern Retail Integrator.  We then use this Customer ID instead of the email address on all FUTURE orders.  This ensures the customer stays the same in Counterpoint even if the user changes their email address on the website or in Counterpoint. 

While technically not draw on our diagram, I added this echoing back of the Customer ID in red in the diagram below.


Just to be clear the email address is only used once on the first order for matching purposes.  After the first time the Counterpoint ID is used exclusively to match customers.

Please let us know if you have any more questions about getting Counterpoint integrated with your website.  Thank you.