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Coupons (Shopping Cart Price Rules)


Magento's Shopping Cart Price Rules can be a powerful tool to offer specific discounts to your shoppers.  The flexibility of the Shopping Cart Price Rules means creating coupon options are nearly endless.

  •  Log into Magento > Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules


  • Note: Any previously created cart rules will be listed.  Once a rule has been created it will be listed and can be edited at any time; including de-activating the rule.
  • Click "Add New Rule" in the upper right corner.


  • Rule Name:  This is simply the name of your rule or promotion.  This is not the coupon code!
  • Description: Use this field to describe your promotion!
  • Active: Set your coupon to be active.


  • Websites:  For single store Magento sites; highlight "Main Website". If you are using Magento multi site; select the stores/sites your coupon is valid for.


  • Customer Groups: Select which Customer Group can use the coupon.  Most clients will select " Not Logged In" (Guest Shoppers) and "General" (Logged In Shoppers).


  • Coupon: Select "Specific Coupon" from the options if you wish to required a specific coupon be used for your promotion.
  • Coupon Code: Enter the code you want shoppers to use to receive the discount.  In general the code should be easy to use and cannot have any spaces in it.


  • Uses Per Coupon: This field is for the overall coupon.  If you enter "1", this coupon can only be used once and then it will no longer be available.  Leave the field blank or enter an * for unlimited uses.


  • Uses Per Customer: This field controls how many times a shopper can use the coupon.  Most clients will enter a "1" in this field. 
    • Note: The limitation is only applicable to shoppers who have logged into their account to checkout.


  • From/To: If your promotion is for a specific time period, use these fields to limit it's use/availability.


  • Public in RSS Feed: If your store has an active RSS Feed the coupon will be published in that feed.  You can turn this off.


  • Conditions: This is where the power and flexibility of Magento's coupon system come into play!


    • Conditions offer a lot of flexibility; you can click on "ALL" and/or "TRUE" to help set your conditions.  
    • Clicking on the green "+" to add further conditions to your coupon.
    • Actions:  In the actions tab; there are several fields that need to be set in addition to adding the rules.
      • Apply:  There are four options in the Apply dropdown:
        • Percent of product price discount: Discounts item by subtracting a percentage (10% for example.) from the original price.
        • Fixed Amount Discount: Discounts item by subtracting a fixed amount ($5 for example.) from the original price.
        • Fixed Amount Discount for Whole Cart:  Discounts the entire cart or order total by subtracting a fixed amount ($20 for example) from the total.
        • Buy X Get Y Free:  Defines a quantity that the customer must purchase to receive a quantity for free.  (The discount amount is Y.)  This is used for promotions that are Buy one, get one free.
      • Discount Amount: This is the discount amount.  For example if offering a percentage promotion, you'd enter 10.  There's no need to enter a percentage symbol or dollar sign, the promotion type you picked will determine the type of value.
      • Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To:  Sets the maximum number of products that the discount can be applied to in the same purchase.
      • Discount Qty Step (Buy X): Sets the number of products represented by "X" in a Buy X Get Y Free promotion.
      • Apply to Shipping Amount: Can the discount be used against shipping costs? Set the option to either Yes or No.
      • Discard Subsequent Rules: Can other cart rules or coupons be used as well?  Set the option to Yes or No.
      • Free Shipping:  Is your free shipping offer included in the promotion?  Based on your answer, select the appropriate options.
        • No: Free shipping is not available when this coupon is used.
        • For Matching Items Only: Free shipping is only available for certain items in the cart that match this rule.
        • For Shipment With Matching Items:  Free shipping is available for all the items in the cart when this coupon is used.
  •  If you have any conditions set on the conditions tab; they must be repeated or duplicated on the Actions tab for your coupon to work.
  • To excluded sale items you'll need to add an Action that looks like this:
    • If ALL of these conditions are FALSE:
      • Special Price equals or greater than 1.0