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Bundled Products - Magento 2


Magento's Bundling option allows you to sell multiple products together as one product; allowing shoppers to add multiple products to their bag from one product page.  Bundles allow you to offer special purchases or "deals" on products as well.  The steps below will take you through the process of creating a bundle.

  • Log into Magento > Products > Catalog > Add Products > Bundled Product


The next screen will look a lot like the Configurable Product screen; they're very similar!  Descriptions and images will be added just like they are added to any other product; using the same fields.

  • The SKU will be set to Dynamically populate.  This means you can allow Magento to create the SKU based on your Bundled Product name or, if you turn off the Dynamic SKU feature, you can create your own SKU.  The Dynamic SKU setting is found further down the page.
  • Pricing can also be calculated dynamically.  The default for a Bundled Product is for the price to be calculated based on the value of the options.  Like the SKU, you have the ability to disable Dynamic Pricing and set the price for the Bundle.
    •  Once you save your bundle you cannot change the Dynamic Pricing setting! 
  • Weight is also set dynamically based on the weight of the options selected.  Like Price and SKU you have the option of controlling this value.


Bundle Items


 This is where the Bundle is created!  On the right side of the screen, look for "Add Option" and click it.


After the New Option populates you have to provide:

  • The Option Title:  This is the name of the option and will appear on your site above the option.


  • Select the Input Type for the option.  Do you want a drop down? Radio Buttons? Check boxes?


  • Determine whether this option is required for the Bundle.  The default is to have the option required.  Uncheck the box if you'd like choice to be optional.

Add Products to Option

  • The next step is to add simple products to the option you've created.  To do this, click "Add Products to Option"


  • A window will open that will have all your products.  Use the filters to find the products you want to add.  Check the items you'd like to add to your option.


  • After you've selected the options, look to the top right of the screen and click "Add Selected Products".  The window will close and your products will be added to the option.



  • You can drag and drop your products into a preferred order as well as select one of the options to be the default option.
  • You do not need to fill in the default quantity field!
  • Repeat the same steps until your Bundle is built!