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Counterpoint / BigCommerce Grid Changes


if the item grid is wrong (meaning the color was entered wrong and the integrator publishes the wrong info), are we able to update that in BigCommerce without causing the integrator to break?


I'm guessing that it depends on where you are changing the grid.

We connect items together between Counterpoint and Bigcommerce using the sku. for gridded items, the sku we use is built from the grid in Counterpoint example: 5555|BLACK|LRG

You should be able to change anything in BigCommerce without breaking the integration as long as you do not change the sku.

I believe if you change the grid in Counterpoint, what will happen is that we will get NEW items with the new skus that are built from the grid values. the old items will become disconnected and not get any new updates, since they would no longer exist in Counterpoint.