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When should I start?


When should I buy your Integrator and get started with the integration?  Do you recommend I buy it when I start building my website or when I'm done?


We get this question a lot and we always recommend to buy our POS or ERP integrations as soon as you get started on your new website. There's a few reasons why we recommend this approach:

  • Developers always prefer working with "real products" instead of "dummy products".
  • We can ensure all products are "integrated" with your POS system if you start using our integration from the get-go.
  • While our integrations typically get implemented pretty quick, it's better to have it done and out of the way.
  • Finally, we find it extremely useful from a workflow perspective.  While your website is being designed, built or put together by one team, an entirely different team could be adding products to your catalog.  This is extremely useful when you've hired a web developer or agency to build your website, but the store is responsible for adding products.

We follow the same approach when we build websites for our clients.  It's always better to get the integration done first so the customer can get busy adding products while we work on the website, with real products which always nice.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.