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Customer Identity in AIM by Tri-Tech


Customer identity is a key form of recordkeeping that helps retailers of all stripes keep track of their customers. In this article, we'll talk about how our AIM by Tri-Tech integrations and services handle customer identity.

Customer Identity

Whenever a customer places an order on your website, their customer identity is created and stored. We generally match customer identity by the email address and/or phone number used by a customer to place an order. Once the customer's first order is placed, their email address (or phone number) is matched to one or more customer IDs, which are stored in the Admin Panel.

You can view customer IDs from the Customers screen in the Admin Panel. 


Click on the customer's name in order to view more information (such as an additional customer ID from your e-commerce platform). 

You can also view customer IDs from the Orders menu in the Admin Panel. Click on an order's Order ID on the orders screen to view more information regarding that order, including customer identity.



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.