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Serialized Products


Serialized product refers to a special kind of product where items with the same SKU require individual serial numbers. These are often things like guitars, collector objects, and firearms. In this article we'll discuss how Modern Retail handles serialized products with our Counterpoint integration and other services.

Types of Serialized Products

We can place products into three main categories.

  • Always Serialized
    • These are products that always require a serial number whenever they are sold.
  • Sometimes Serialized
    • These are products that don't always require a serial number, but often or occasionally do.
  • Not Serialized
    • These are products that don't require or use a serial number.

The first two categories are what we'll focus on for this article.

Always Serialized

When products that are always serialized are sold, the order needs to be created as an open order. You can read more about open orders here; the gist is that open orders need to be manually handled in Counterpoint, usually at end of day. For serialized items, this usually means adding the serial number to the product.

Sometimes Serialized

Products that are sometimes serialized can be sold as open orders or as tickets. Tickets, which you can read more about in the article linked above, are orders that do not need to be manually processed at all. They are simply created and processed, like an order with any other product. Products that are only sometimes serialized are often unique, and we recommend working with us to identify the best possible solution.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request in the Admin Panel.