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Troubleshooting Missing Products


I'm seeing products in our POS system (AIM by Tritech) and in the Admin Panel that haven't hit Shopify, our ecommerce platform. What's the problem here, and what can we do about it?


There are a handful of different reasons for products to show up in the Admin Panel and your POS system, but not Shopify. One potential issue is missing location data in AIM by Tritech, which might result in products not being pulled over correctly. Another potential issue could be formatting in the location by inventory tables, which would result in that data not flowing into the Admin Panel/platform correctly.

If you've checked for inventory by location issues and haven't found anything, the next step would be to contact us with a support request from the Admin Panel. Let us know what the issue is, and we can manually pull product data over from AIM, which would fix the issue. We can also assist with inventory by location formatting, or help troubleshoot other issues.