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Order Error DF113


As with any complicated endeavor, sometimes an issue with your POS, integrator, or ecommerce platform will generate an error. The Modern Retail Admin Panel indicates when these errors occur, and what type of error has occurred; in this article we'll go over error DF113.

Where to Spot Errors

You can spot errors on the Shipments menu underneath Orders in the Admin Panel. The rightmost column, POS Receipt, features a search box you can use to pull up specific receipt numbers, or, if you type "ERR", or the error number (in this case DF113), you can show all orders with an error (or that specific error). This is also an easy way to troubleshoot and search for errors if you have any concerns.

Solving Error DF113

Error DF113 shows up when a product SKU can't be found in your POS system. Luckily, this has a simple resolution; just add the SKU for the product to your POS system. Once you've done so, the next inventory update should solve the error.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a support request from the Admin Panel.