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Limiting Inventory Locations


If you're a business with multiple separate locations, you may not necessarily want the inventory from all of those stores to be sent to your website. Some clients prefer only sending inventory from specific locations, rather than inventory from all of their locations. In this article we'll discuss how to only send inventory from select locations to the integrator.

Selecting Locations

To begin, in your AIM installation, you'll want to head to Maintenance -> Active-e -> Active-e Setup -> E-Commerce & API -> 2 Update Shopping Cart -> General 3. On this screen, you'll see two textboxes:


Simply enter the locations you wish to track inventory for, separated by a "|" character. The location names are configured on the AIM side, and can be found in your AIM installation. If you leave this box blank, it will default to sending inventory from all locations.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a support request from the Admin Panel.