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Configuring your Second Integration


It's fairly common for clients to come to us with some kind of ecommerce solution already in place, whether because they need features Modern Retail offers that our competitors don't, or because their needs have shifted since the original installation. In this article, we'll talk about how this might change the onboarding process for your integration from Modern Retail.

Tri-Tech by AIM and Onboarding

Modern Retail has an excellent working relationship with Tri-Tech from performing dozens of integrations with them. Chances are you've already contacted Tri-Tech support, either for the setup of your original ecommerce solution, or as part of the onboarding process for your new integration with Modern Retail. Because we've gotten so good at doing these integrations with Tri-Tech, having a past solution in place doesn't present any obstacles for your new installation! In fact, it may make some things easier.

Depending on how your previous solution was installed, you may have already covered some of the steps that Tri-Tech support typically assists you with. These include:

  1. Having an API computer set up.
  2. Having an API key entered in AIM (Modern Retail will need this! Check out the Onboarding Center for more information). 
    1. This is under Maintenance -> Active-e -> Active-e Setup in AIM.
  3. Updating the shopping cart under Active-e Setup with "Default Track QTY"
  4. Setting up System Variables (specifically WebOrdersAffectAvailable Qty, which should be set to Y|N)

Additionally, you may have already set up a web category and employee account for your previous ecommerce solution. We recommend creating a new web category and employee account for Modern Retail, to prevent any potential issues. You can read more about this in the Onboarding Center!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let us know! You can contact your project manager from the Onboarding Center, or if you're a prospective client, you can contact us directly from our website.