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Mapping Shipping Locations


In order to make sure your orders are being shipped correctly, you may have to map the locations you have configured in the Admin Panel. This is a simple process, but it is essential to making sure your orders are correctly routed. In this article, we'll show you how to map your locations in the Admin Panel.


Location Mapping

When we say "location mapping" we simply mean how the integrator interprets all the different locations configured throughout the Admin Panel, Shopify, ShipStation, etc. You can change these settings in the Shipping menu in the Admin Panel. 


Once you've clicked on Shipping on the left hand menu, you'll see a series of options. From here, click on Locations, listed under Settings.


This will bring you to the following page:


The Locations page will display a list of the locations you have configured in the Admin Panel. To get to work on mapping these locations, click on the location you want to map using the link in the Location Name column, which will open the menu for that location.


From here, use the dropdowns underneath Locations Mapping to map the location to the correct value. Chances are these will be clearly labelled, so you can easily pick the correct option. 

Once you're done, hit Save. You'll have to do this for every location shown on this page, and you may want to double check when you're done to make sure everything is configured correctly.

If you have any additional questions on mapping locations in the Admin Panel, feel free to ask by submitting a support request from the Admin Panel.